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    Growing up in Fort Recovery, a small rural town in Ohio, Jason realized his love for music very early. He started taking piano lessons at the age of seven, and quickly moved on to a few paying gigs. He started out by singing and playing organ at his church, and while this may not seem like a dream job to some, it seemed like a pretty sweet deal to him. He was actually getting paid to go to church, something he would've had to do anyway. Being so young, Jason thought this was pretty amazing.

    Jason went on to perform and take part in many High School activities. He was an active member of the High School choir and band, and also took part in several musical theater productions. While he enjoyed playing Trombone in the concert, marching, and pep bands, his true love was singing.

    Upon graduating, he went on to dual major in Vocal Performance and Computer Science. He later did the math, and realized that it would take him approximately "forever" to graduate from College with a degree in both studies, so he decided a change of course was needed. After doing a little research, he stumbled upon the Music Engineering and Technology program at Ball State University. Upon checking out the program more thoroughly, he realized that this was a perfect fit for him. He transferred to Ball State at the end of the year, majoring in MET with a minor in Computer Science.

    While in college, Jason worked your typical low-paying, "starving college student" job at a nearby retail establishment (he spent 3+ years at Menards), but he also had the opportunity to make a little extra cash on the weekends as a Disc Jockey. After a chance meeting with the owner of a DJ company based out of Indianapolis, Jason was hired and soon began working DJ gigs. He worked everything from Weddings and dances to running Karaoke Night at local bars. DJ'ing gave Jason an opportunity to apply some of the information he'd learned in his acoustics and sound design classes. He was also able to familiarize himself with some equipment not found in Ball State's recording studios. Finally, this experience gave him a small taste of the difficulties in dealing with live sound, as well as real-world experience in dealing with signal-flow and gain-staging.

    After college, Jason went on to work in the Design department at CMG Worldwide. CMG is an intellectual property rights management company, best known for representing the licensing rights of sports and entertainment legends such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Babe Ruth. His primary duties at CMG consisted of providing technical support and assisting in the design and management of over 200 websites.

    Being the only employee with a background in audio, he was also responsible for the creation of many of the multimedia projects for the department. One such project gave Jason a unique opportunity to work with a true living legend. CMG client, Chuck Berry, was in preparations to launch an official online fan club. Jason was responsible for the mixing and mastering of one of Chuck's concerts, as well as mixing and editing an interview with this iconic Rock and Roll pioneer. Both are set to be released through the Official Chuck Berry Fan Club.

    While at CMG, Jason also had the freedom to expand his graphic design skill set. He worked on several web and print designs, as well as a few videos and programming projects.

    Please note that with the exception of this bio, Jason does not usually refer to himself in the third-person.
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